Formed by the KEHATI Foundation in 2014, Biodiversity Warriors (BW) is a youth movement that aims to popularize Indonesia’s biodiversity, both in terms of its uniqueness, potential, benefits, and preservation.


BW members carry out activities, both offline through field practice, and online on social sites and media through the loading of articles and photos. To date, Biodiversity Warriors has produced 2,760 journals and 4,514 catalogs, with various educational activities on biodiversity to schools and universities throughout Indonesia. Furthermore, this information will be distributed to policy makers, environmental organizations, and research institutions.


Benefits of being a BW member

  • Become part of the biodiversity conservation program in Indonesia
  • Has an extensive network with fellow BW members throughout Indonesia
  • Having the opportunity to attend training related to biodiversity conservation programs in Indonesia
  • Have the opportunity to appear in national and international forums

Come on, join to become Biodiversity Warriors. The Younger, the Near One! (25 years maximum)

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