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Webinar “Sorghum: Ancestral Seeds for the Future”

  • Date:
    20 Jul 2020
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Sorghum has a long cultural and historical footprint, but recently its existence has been increasingly marginalized. In many villages in Flores, for example, this crop is just an old story, even though food needs in the future will increase with increasing population growth, while agricultural land tends to shrink.

The challenges are getting tougher due to climate change. It takes plants that are able to adapt well to a variety of climatic and environmental conditions. Sorghum could be one answer.

Discussions related to local food, especially sorghum, were held on Saturday (18/06/2020) through the webinar “Sorghum: Ancestral Seeds for the Future” with HMPPI Regional II and KEHATI. The exposure material can be downloaded via the link below:
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