Basic Values

The vision and mission that KEHATI will achieve through a series of programs and activities is carried out based on the following basic principles and values:


  • Diversity. Believing that biodiversity and all lives in it guarantee the survival of other living forms on Earth, KEHATI respects the diversity of ecological, economic, cultural, legal, customary, and spiritual values, and supports the diversity of life both in nature and social life.


  • Sustainability. Believing that every generation has fundamental rights to a reasonable life and a whole sustainable environment in the long run. KEHATI upholds the principles of sustainable development by always paying attention to the carrying capacity of the environment, increasing the added value of natural resources for humans, taking into account inter-generational interests, behaviors that maintain the balance of ecosystems, diversity of cultural values, and survival.


  • Justice. KEHATI develops attitudes and behaviors that fulfill a sense of justice by applying the principle of benefit distribution and responsibilities in a just, democratic, and gender-oriented manner. KEHATI also provides equal opportunities and chances for all communities and taking into account the inter-regional and inter-generational justice.


  • Alignments. As an effort to conserve and utilize biodiversity in a sustainable manner, KEHATI upholds the principle of alignment in vulnerable, poor, and marginal groups of people in order to create good, fair and responsible governance for development.


  • Trust. Placing trust as valuable and most decisive capital in building cooperation and partnerships. Thus, KEHATI seeks to build and maintain high trust, both in the internal environment and in multi-stakeholder relations.