Indonesia is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world. This is proven by the existence of thousands of flora and fauna that live in Indonesia. However, the threat of species extinction in Indonesia is very high to be the biggest challenge.




The KEHATI Foundation realizes that community efforts to protect, preserve and utilize biodiversity need attention and appreciation.


The purpose of the KEHATI Award is to foster and encourage the interest of all walks of life to care more, love, and take a role in supporting biodiversity. In addition, the award winners are expected to be able to encourage other parties to follow the same footsteps.


As in previous years, the KEHATI Award will award inspirators who consistently offer solutions for the development of the environment in the future. This year, for the ninth time, the KEHATI Award will be held.


Immediately register yourself or your group and be part of the chosen environmental preserver who will receive further appreciation! Download the form here.


Individuals or groups and / or organizations from local communities, such as indigenous communities, village residents, Karang Taruna, Non-Governmental Organizations (CBOs), Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), as well as other groups based local community.


Individuals from service agencies, public service agencies or government agencies or state institutions at the central or regional level (provincial, district, city, district or village).


Individuals or groups or business units from the small business sector, medium business, and start-up.


Individuals or groups or institutions from the world of science and technology or the scientific community, both Academic People (Universities, Educational Institutes, Schools) as well as researchers from research and development institutions.


Individuals and / or groups or organizations from the media and mass communication circles (including print and electronic media journalists) as well as arts and cultural workers.


Individuals and / or groups of youth of the archipelago or students to become the next buds of hope in protecting and preserving Indonesia’s biodiversity in the future.