Vision & Mission

“Sustainable nature for the nation’s present and the future generation.”

A world with biodiversity that grows naturally intact, where all levels of society move together to conserve and increase their added value to meet all the needs of life in a just, dignified, and sustainable way.




KEHATI’s mission in achieving the vision is to mainstream the conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity in Indonesia by:

  • Developing knowledge, local wisdom, and conservation practices and innovations in utilizing sustainable biodiversity based on forest, agriculture, and marine ecosystems;
  • Expanding green economy and local culture movements based on conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity added value at the local, national, and global level;
  • Mobilizing the strength of the young generation and millennial generation, especially urban communities and local communities to support the principles and practices of biodiversity conservation based on sustainable development patterns;
  • Encouraging the improvement of a clean, transparent, and accountable public policy structure from local to national level to improve the management of the conservation and utilization of value-added biodiversity in particular and sustainable development in general;
  • Strengthening and developing more innovative and diverse sources, funding systems, and financing mechanisms to increase the impact of biodiversity conservation and sustainable utilization.