The KEHATI Foundation’s forestry ecosystem program is generally carried out through regular programs, the Tropical Forest Conservation Action in Sumatra (TFCA-Sumatra) and the Tropical Forest Conservation Action in Kalimantan (TFCA-Kalimantan). This regular program, which is carried out continuously from year to year, uses the results of managed funds and various forms of fundraising. The program includes restoration and rehabilitation, social forestry, animal conservation (Sumatran elephants and Kalimantan rhinos), Forest Management Unit Conservation Area (KPH), and waste management.


In addition, there are also special programs that are project-based activities with specific forestry missions as agreed by the organizing committee, where KEHATI acts as the financial administrator of the project. This program is carried out not only to contribute to the preservation of ecological functions but also to strengthen institutional aspects to support the sustainability of the program, including support for the formulation of policies related to biodiversity at the national and regional levels.