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Commemorating World Water Day, Biodiversity Warriors Educate Students to Care About Water

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    30 Apr 2020
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DATE: 3 Apr 2018



Seeing the complexity of the water problem in Indonesia, putting the World Water Day which falls every March 22 should be taken seriously by everyone in this country.


Every year since 1992, March 22 always celebrated as World Water Day. This is in accordance with the decision of the 42nd UN General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The establishment of Water Day is also intended as an effort to draw public attention to the importance of clean water and the importance to properly manage clean water sources.


The KEHATI Foundation’s Educational & Outreach Staff, Ahmad Baihaqi, explained that the theme raised in the commemoration of World Water Day each year were different. For last year, the theme of World Water Day was “Reuse Waste and Save the Earth from the Clean Water Crisis”. The theme for this year is World Water Day is “Nature for Water”.


One of the Movement that also held the celebration of World Water Day was the Biodiversity Warriors KEHATI Foundation. The series of activities carried out including education and outreach titled “My Beautiful Water without Plastic” held at SD Semut-Semut Natural School Cimanggis, Friday (3/23), Sanggar Maen Bareng, Depok, Saturday (24/3), and SD Citra Alam School, Jakarta, Wednesday (28/3).


“The commemoration of World Water Day is aimed to introduce the importance of water in life and also as a biodiversity habitat,” said Muhammad Khoir, one of the teachers from the SD Citra School, who is also registered as a member of the KEHATI Foundation Biodiversity Warriors.


The World Water Day activities in 2018 were organized in collaboration with the KEHATI Foundation Biodiversity Warriors, SD Citra Alam, Marine Conservation Club and Aquatic Ecology Study Group, Faculty of Biology National University, Jakarta, Master Program in Biology, Postgraduate School National University, and BScC Indonesia.


In the activities, they invited dozens of students to test water quality, write declaration to always remember to maintain and care for water> They also identified water biota that was successfully observed.


“I hope the students can understand better the importance of protecting water and to use water wisely,” concluded Khoir.