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Mangrove Blue Carbon, KEHATI and Asahimas Chemical planting mangrove in Pandeglang

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    13 Jan 2023
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In order to support Mangrove Blue Carbon program, Asahimas Chemical (ASC) and KEHATI planted 18,000 mangrove seeds in Panimbang Jaya Village, Panimbang District, and Cigorondong Village, Sumur District, Pandeglang Regency, Banten. This effort was a part of planting 50,000 mangrove seeds by the end of 2022 . Tirtayasa University, Marine Affairs and Fisheries Office of Banten (known as DKP: Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan), regional environmental NGOs, and community groups took part in this initiative alongside other environmentalists in Pandeglang Regency.


A survey conducted by KEHATI and Tirtayasa University revealed that Panimbang Jaya Village and Cigorondong Village each have 2 hectares of land suitable for planting mangroves. The planting is an endeavor to reduce the effects of climate change and develop natural landscapes able to resist disasters. According to a research led by Banten Provincial Environment and Forestry Service (known as DLHK: Dinas Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan) in 2019 on the state of the mangrove ecosystem in Banten, it is still being damaged because of abrasion and natural disasters.


“The Sunda Strait’s deteriorated coastline environment is being repaired thanks to the Mangrove Blue Carbon Initiative in Banten Province. Mangrove planting and maintenance require the cooperation and support of all stakeholders, notably the local population, in order to be successful”, said Toufik Alansar, KEHATI’s Marine Ecosystem Program Manager.


The preservation of mangrove ecosystems will not only benefit the environment but also the local economy. In 2023, a number of community empowerment initiatives are planned, including strengthening through instruction in the processing of mangrove products.


“As our finest contribution, ASC and KEHATI will go on expanding this mangrove blue carbon program in other regions of Banten Province. Hopefully, the mangroves we conserve together will help the environment, the communities around them, and, of course, a better future”, said Jun Miyazaki, ASC President Director.


Like with the other 2021 mangrove planting events, a beach clean-up movement was organized near the planting location this time as well.


In an article entitled “Indonesia Supporting the Mangrove Blue Carbon Initiative”, September 23, 2021, Antara News cited him as saying, “We are attempting to be a solution to environmental problems around the operational area”.


ASC Vice President, Eddy Sutanto, believes that as the environment and climate change are universal problems, everyone should collaborate in finding solutions.


Mangrove Blue Carbon is a biodiversity conservation and rehabilitation program created to support national program ruled by the central government included in the National Priority Program of the 2020–2024 National Medium Term Development Plan.