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Sustainable Development: Towards Indonesia 2045

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    19 Jun 2020
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Prof. Emil Salim is widely known as an environmental scientist. He has won various awards, both at the national and international levels because of his various actions. His attention to the environment and Indonesia’s development was not limited to his tenure as the first Minister of the Environment and served for 15 years. Together with several other figures, his concern was manifested by establishing the Biodiversity Foundation (KEHATI) in 1994, and is still actively involved as a KEHATI coach to this day.

On June 8, 2020, the initiator and founder of the KEHATI Foundation is 90 years old. A special age for a Professor Emil Salim who is still active and pithy in his opinion for the good of this country. Therefore, the KEHATI Foundation, as one of the fruits of Prof. Emil, made the momentum of the anniversary in the form of a webinar about his thoughts and hopes for the future of Indonesia with the title “Sustainable Development: Towards Indonesia 2045”.

The webinar which aims to spread the spirit and thoughts on environmentally sound development took place on 18 June 2020 by presenting Prof. Emil Salim with three responders, namely Faisal Basri (UI Economist), Arif Satria (Rector of IPB), and Amanda Katili (Manager of The Climate Reality Indonesia) and moderated by Desi Anwar (senior journalist, Director of CNN Indonesia). 1000 participants via Zoom and more than 500 participants via YouTube also watched it.

For those who want to get the presentation document that has been presented in this webinar, you can download it at the following link:
Faisal Basri’s presentation on development policies and political economy
Arif Satria’s presentation, about natural resource management and human ecology
Amanda Katili’s presentation, on the civil society movement