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Webinar “Becoming an Agent of Change: Is Passion Enough?”

  • Date:
    20 Jul 2020
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Talking about the emergence of young activists in Indonesia, brings a positive spirit and hope for sustainable development efforts in the future. Movements that are initially pioneered by individuals can become movements that are broad, impactful and involve many parties. In some models of the movement, it has even become a program that is sustainable and transformed into a social entrepreneur.

However, behind the success of some of the initiators of the movement, it is very common for us to see movements that are initially excited and succeed in achieving success, eventually die out or lose their attractiveness. It is not uncommon for the initiators to change course and lose the same passion after entering the world of work.

KEHATI Foundation since 6 years ago has initiated Biodiversity Warriors (BW), which is a group of young people who have a passion for biodiversity conservation efforts. As agents of change, BW members can be a driving force for their peers and become an inspiration for the wider community.

As an effort to increase the capacity of the younger generation, especially BW members, a webinar has been held “Becoming an Agent of Change: Is Passion Enough?” on Thursday (16/07/2020) by presenting Lily Yulianti Farid (founder of Rumata Artspace and Makassar International Writers Festival) and Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano (founder of Greeneration Indonesia and Waste4Change).


The exposure material can be downloaded via the link below:
Beyond Passion by Lily Yulianti Farid
Your Actions Matter by Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano