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Webinar “Biodiversity Parks and Conservation of Local Biodiversity”

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    05 Sep 2020
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Indonesia is rich in biodiversity, including rare and endemic ones. On the other hand, the threat of extinction is very big.


Preservation of plants is still less popular than animal conservation. The IUCN redlist notes, as many as 673 plant species in Indonesia are threatened by extinction, the largest portion of which is from the Dipterocarpacean species as much as 33%, 12% guava, and 7% pitcher semar. 1 species extinct (Etlingera heyneana, forest ginger), 2 extinct in the wild Mango musk (Mangifera casturi), Amomum sumatranum (forest ginger).


If investigated further, Indonesian plants have the potential for bioprospection. For example Taxus sumatrana (Sumatran pine) to treat cancer and tumors.


Kecapi, burahol / kepel, and gandaria are examples of local plants that have begun to be marginalized and become unknown because they are not attractive for cultivation. The presence of a biodiversity park (biodiversity) can be an effort to conserve plants. Biodiversity parks can be proposed by anyone, including individuals, the private sector, and local governments.


Discussions on biodiversity parks and the preservation of local biodiversity were held through a webinar initiated by KEHATI and Mongabay Indonesia on Thursday (3/9/2020) presenting speakers Ir. Asep Sugiharta, M.Sc (Director of Essential Ecosystem Management of the Ministry of Environment & Forestry), Asep Ruhiyat Lengkawa, ST., MM (Head of Environmental Conservation and Climate Change Control, West Java Province Environmental Service), Adie Darmawan (Selumar Water Association) Belitung), and Imanuddin Utoro (KEHATI Foundation Forestry Program Manager).


For the presentation that has been presented, it can be downloaded via the following link:

Development of a Biodiversity Park by Asep Sugiharta
The Role of Local Governments in Taman Kehati by Asep Ruhiyat Lengkawa
Peramun Hill Forest Park by Adie Darmawan
Conservation of Local Plants through Taman Kehati by Imanuddin Utoro